Service Pro

We realize your ceramic ideas.

For potters, designers, artists or companies we offer a personalized service. A unique prototype or in large series. Delivered moist and wrapped in plastic, dry, biscuited, enamelled or in a special cardboard box, everything is common.

We relieve you for large series or large pots.
We throw your own shapes from your sketches or models. In the clay of your choice.
With our plaster moulds we Jigger or Joly, plates and saucers.

We can make you an offer for a prototype, a series of molds or a series of ceramics. But the best remain a direct contact at the workshop. Send us your drawings and plans by pdf in advance, often there are small changes to be made, or sizes to be adapted. Welcome!

We offer ourselves as a partner to turn your ideas into a durable ceramic work. Whether it is a plate or a wall bas-relief or an outdoor architectural achievement.

We are able to advise you whether it is an idea for an event, end of year gifts or departure gifts for your employees. With a discreet lettering or a clearly visible logo.