Peter Fink

Craftsman potter


For learning and fun
Various courses are organised by the atelier and sometimes in collaboration
with the University of Teacher Education Fribourg and other institutions.

Collaborations and projects

The success of the work
Giving form to the creation

Potter and designer-maker!

a passion for clay and the arts

Bénichon 2023 in Ependes

In Ependes, the theme of the Bénichon is : Petzi constructor

Laureline Galliot · Cité du design

Until 7 January 2024, in Saint-Étienne (France).
The monographic exhibition inaugurating the new cycle Present >< Future

European Heritage Days 2023

Épendes. On the theme of “Reuse and recycling”


Keramikpanorama will take place on 9 and 10 September 2023 at the Pantschau, right on the lake in Murten.