Apprenticeship as a ceramicist, a dream job? 

Yes, but…

For years, we have been practically the only workshop in French-speaking Switzerland that regularly trains apprentice ceramists in four-year CFC training.

Information about the ceramist apprenticeship

Training offered: Ceramist CFC

4 years training
vocational school in Bern in German language 1.5 days/week

Apprentice Requirements:

  • proven motivation for the profession
  • endurance, tenacity and an extraordinary personal investment
  • open and sociable personality
  • good manual skills and ability to work cleanly
  • creative and visual person, comfortable with drawing and the third dimension
    independence and personal responsibility
  • good knowledge of German and French, or willing to acquire it

Preparatory course, similar training or other training completed would be a great advantage.

Vocational maturity before or after the training remains possible, but the integrated vocational maturity would be much too heavy.

Desired age 17-27 years old

The workshop offers:

  • a calm working atmosphere
  • contemporary way of working and adequate and adapted facilities
  • regular working hours, flexible vacation planning
  • active support to follow refresher courses
  • symbolic and small apprenticeship remuneration
  • flexibility and understanding
  • a large professional network

Future prospects for the ceramist:

  • independent with personal workshop
  • work in a social institution with a sheltered workshop
  • animator of private lessons, schools, homes, etc.

Development Opportunities:
ceramic-technical universities (abroad)
arts colleges
social professions (art therapy, socio-professional teacher, animator, etc.)
artistic professions (artist, visual artist, etc.)

How is the choice made?
The person will be selected according to the above criteria, but the personal “chemistry” also takes an important place in this choice.

Further information on the swissceramics or at the full time schools of Vevey, Bern, Geneva

Alternative training 

Article 32 apprenticeships can also be accompanied, 18 months of practice due to a 1 to 2 day/week of practical work is usual to prepare for the requirements of the final exam.

For people benefiting from the ERASMUS+ program, we can also enter into discussion for a commitment ranging from 3-18 months.

For short or longer internships, I can sometimes accept collaborators. It’s on a case-by-case basis. Prior training in ceramics is a definite asset.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship or internship?

Please first read the requirements carefully and if you really think you fit the profile, send your written request containing:

  • Curriculum Vitae with complete address, E-mail and photo
  • justify your choice of training with a cover letter (max A4)
  • attach some images of 3D works or drawings made by yourself
  • documents can be sent by email or post

Following this, you may be invited to an interview at the workshop or to a first 2-day internship, sometimes another longer internship is necessary before you can make up your mind.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact me.
I welcome your application!